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Sushi Project

The idea of this webpage is to show my work developing mobile apps, new technologies as a Planning manager with a major EPC company for more than 10 years and complete my learning path to create an amazing show reel to accomplish my dream as a 3D Generalist and FX TD.

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Modeling, UV Mapping, IBL, Photogrammetry, Retopology, Tracking, Matchmoving, 3D model integration, 3D Paint, fluids, volumes, particles, destruction, scene assembly, scatterings, crowds, compositing.

Maya, Clarisse, Nuke, 3D Equalizer, PFTrack, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, World Machine, Pulldownit, UV Layout, Unfold3D, Mari, Realflow, Photoscan, CaptureReality, Final Cut, Arnold, Redshift3D, PhoenixFD

Mobile Applications



Retro Game Amstrad

Gin and You

VFX Directory

Retro Game PC-FX

Beer Routes Belgium


K de Queso

Retro Motorbike Stickers

Retro Bike Stickers

Retro Television



Tracking New

Beer Simulation New

Airplane crash



Molecules with particles


Gasoline explosion

Water simulation

Path follow

Projects for a new reality

Development of apps, new technologies and VFX. Sushi Project reality and evolution.

App development

More than 20 years of experience coding windows applications with Visual Studio and 10 years mobile apps with Xcode.

Multimedia Presentations

Presentations with rich multimedia, including drone footage, animations and new technologies with Final Cut Pro and After Effects.

VFX Generalist

Started learning with Escape Studios (Pearson College London) and completed 3D for Visual Effects 40 weeks course in Maya.


Last year studying with VFX Learning all the FX techniques with Maya, Pulldownit and Realflow.

Scene Assembly

This year I started with Isotropix Clarisse an amazing piece of software using scattering tools and scene assembly.

My Tools

Developing utilities in-house to help my career like VFX HDR.